Most Jamaican resorts are all about the beach, which is precisely what makes Strawberry Hill—situated high on a mountaintop looking down over Kingston on one side, and Blue Mountains National Park on the other—such a breath of fresh air. Owned for more than twenty years by Chris Blackwell (the founder of Island Records), the estate was famously an escape for Bob Marley and his musical entourage in their heyday. Today, the place retains all the local charm, but with distinctly dressed-up amenities, including a world-class restaurant, an appealingly low-traffic pool, and heavenly beauty products (called Blue Mountain Aromatics) made with mint and rosemary harvested in these very hills. The studios themselves, updated with rich wooden four-poster beds, are simply decorated, and outfitted with mosquito nets so you can throw open the shutters and enjoy the mountain breeze without fear of being eaten alive. And though you’re within an easy drive of gorgeous Caribbean beaches and Kingston’s lively cultural scene, the gardens and ample hiking in the hills provide enough excitement that you may not want to leave at all.

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