Though it lacks the glitz and grandeur of its high-end counterparts, Round House Inn is a worthy Barbados destination in its own right. Housed in a majestic, 19th-century colonial building overlooking the famous “Soup Bowl” break (legend has it, Kelly Slater caught some of the best waves of his life here), Round House features uninterrupted views of the Atlantic coast. Owners Robert and Gail Manley took great care to outfit each of the four natural coral-block guest rooms in subtle earth tones and wooden antiques, allowing the original architecture (skylights, deep-set windows) to take the spotlight. The no-frills atmosphere is undoubtedly inviting, but the main draw of this beachfront oasis is the eponymous Caribbean restaurant, which has locals, tourists, and guests flocking to its outdoor patio in droves. The homemade banana bread, Bajan pumpkin fritters, and flying fish and breadfruit soup—a wonderfully fragrant national dish—are not to be missed.

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