Harbour Island is one of those quick getaways for East Coasters that’s ideal for many reasons, the primary one being that there’s nowhere to go (unless it’s into the water). The life of the island revolves around the ocean: Playing in it, eating by it, drinking by it, fishing in it…add the fact that everyone in NYC seems to vacation there and you’ve got a pretty sizable social scene, too. Harbour Island is also great for kids, in part because it’s sleepy and quaint and there really aren’t any cars (except for a few taxis)—you access the island by boat. There are a few fancy resorts that dot the shoreline, but we’re into Ocean View Club, a teeny tiny spot where all the rooms are done up individually, to pretty great effect. It also has a small and mighty restaurant, where you’ll find significantly better fare than at many of the other spots on the island.

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