Balanced between the woods and Tomales Bay, Manka Inverness Lodge feels like a tucked-away time capsule—in the best possible way. This is one of those spots where you can pass an entire weekend without running into anyone else: Marin is sleepy, sure, but this place feels even more remote. Manka’s is made up of three separate properties—boat houses on the bay, complete with cathedral doors that open right onto the water; cabins tucked away up high on a ridge; and the main quarters, which revolve around a 1917 hunting and fishing lodge. The accommodations are reminiscent of (luxury) log cabin camping: Pendleton blankets, log post beds, stone slab fronted fireplaces, and taxidermy are all design hallmarks. Breakfast is brought to your room each morning. The proprietors are fanatical about local sourcing, so pretty much everything—from the butter on the toast to the honey—comes from Marin County. Their restaurant down the street, Sir and Star at the Olema, abides by a similar theme. There’s much to explore in West Marin. Check out how we spent 24 hours here.

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