Created by marriage and family therapist, Ann Smith, the Breakthrough personal growth workshop intends to meliorate roadblocks on the path to healthy relationships, satisfaction, and overall happiness. Located at Caron Treatment Center’s Pennsylvania facility (which is in of itself an excellent rehab where people experience a lot of success in overcoming addiction and trauma), this 5-day in-treatment program focuses on Experiential group therapy. By watching past traumatic events acted out by fellow group members (these consist of no more than 10 people), participants confront childhood traumas head on and learn to overcome them with the help of two full-time therapists. After completing the program, participants are encouraged to seek private therapy (or some form of follow-up care) in addition to practical advise on applying the tools picked up throughout the course of the program to everyday life. Specialized workshops geared specifically toward couples and veterans are available as add-ons or as individual treatments.

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