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Aire Ancient Baths
88 Franklin St., Tribeca
Tucked away in Tribeca, this is one of New York City’s best spa secrets—which also happens to look a bit like the Temple of White and Black from Game of Thrones. You descend into a candle-lit stairs into an equally moody space with many baths and steam rooms (all sorts of different temperatures, from hot to ice-f-ing cold to a sublime extra-salt version where you float like you're in the Dead Sea), where you’ll likely be content to hang out for a while. They also offer really great massages—some of Manhattan’s best, actually.
The Class
291 Broadway, 4th Floor, Tribeca
This is one of those fitness situations that evades basic definition: Started by Taryn Toomey, it's a self-titled cathartic experience, where you spend 75 minutes engaging in intense movement to “break open and activate ‘stagnant’ layers in the body.” In short you move, and scream, and shake, and yell as you release emotional energy–and get a pretty incredible workout in the process. It requires an open mind and a willing spirit. Photo Credit: Jaimie Baird
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