Midtown Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty neighborhood
112 W 27th St., New York, New York
This treatment center offers both an intensive outpatient and an outpatient program. Both programs provide integrative services to help clients manage eating disorder symptoms, bolster self-esteem, and develop a healthy relationship with food. In addition to individual psychotherapy and behavioral therapies, the center incorporates experiential therapies, yoga, and creative expression into its programs. BALANCE is open to adolescent and adult patients.
Columbus Park
210 Central Park S, New York, New York
A solely outpatient facility, Columbus Park serves adults, adolescents, and children struggling with any type of eating disorder. Founded by Melissa Gerson, a licensed clinical social worker, the center includes a team of ten experts who see clients in individual, group, and family settings and incorporate various therapies including enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Since it is an outpatient program, treatment typically runs between twenty to forty weeks. The center also offers periodic adolescent intensives throughout the year catered to teenagers dealing with anorexia or bulimia.
Floating Lotus
39 W. 56th St., Penthouse, Midtown
There are tons of treatment options at this wellness hideout inside the penthouse on a particularly hectic block of Midtown. From a targeted acupuncture and cupping session with founder Joel Granik to a float inside a sensory deprivation tank (that's thought to mimic the body’s experience in the womb) to Reiki healing and yoga classes taught in a gorgeous white room with a glass ceiling, everything here aims to balance and restore the body’s chi. There’s an infrared sauna and a salt cave; the walls of the latter are made from hundreds of pounds of Himalayan salt bricks, which infuse the air with negative ions while you relax on a massage bed.
Ilan Bohm, D.C., F.A.S.A.
635 Madison Ave., 4th Floor, Midtown
Dr. Ilan Bohm is our man and the founder of OIM, which advocates looking beyond—while still using—Western medicine for well-being. Keeping in mind that every patient is unique and not one-treatment-fits-all, Dr. Bohm sees patients on an individual level and aims to prevent rather than just treat illness by incorporating acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and chiropractic into any healthcare routine. They facilitate detoxes, and also offer hydrocolonic therapy.
Joanna Vargas
501 5th Ave., Midtown, New York City
Joanna Vargas first moved to NYC in hopes of pursuing photography, only to discover that she actually cared a lot more about skin. Perpetually on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest in skin-enhancing treatments, Vargas is brilliant at collagen mask therapies, resurfacing via nutrient-rich liquid exfoliation, cryotherapy, and glowifying oxygen modalities.The microcurrent- ,microdermabrasion-, oxygen therapy-centric Triple Crown Facial, one of her hero treatments, smooths lines, brightens, lifts, and some clients say, accentuates cheekbones without ever having to go under the knife.
Kryo X
57 W. 57th St., Midtown
You won’t get pedicures here, but the full-body cryotherapy session—in which you stand, in the buff, in a chamber that’s chilled to roughly -240°F for two to three minutes—is bracing, but more bearable than, say, an ice bath, since there’s no moisture in the liquid nitrogen-cooled air. We left feeling less stressed and more centered, and we slept better, too. Started by doctors to holistically treat patients with arthritis, cryotherapy is believed to stimulate the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems and reduce inflammation, improve mood, lower anxiety, and enhance overall well-being. If you’re super worried about chattering teeth, start slow with a brightening cryofacial.
La Prairie Day Spa at The Ritz-Carlton
50 Central Park S., Midtown, New York City
The spa itself oozes elegance with plush chairs, momentous flower bouquets, and dramatic lighting fixtures. The facials are just as extravagant: During the Ultimate Platinum Rare treatment, one aesthetician massages your face with firming creams, while another simultaneously works on your feet. The epitome of over-the-top pampering is the $1,250 White Caviar Illuminating Facial that smooths, intensely hydrates, and lifts with turbocharged, nourishing caviar extracts.
Maria Papapetros
141 E. 55th St., Midtown
Maria was our in-house intuitive for the goop Shiso Psychic pop-up in NYC when we launched our latest fragrance, and needless to say, she dropped jaws with her eerily accurate readings. She is extremely calm and uses meditation at the beginning of each session to create a relaxed state before diving straight in. She also analyzes handwriting and uses Tarot to establish a framework. Keep in mind that she is a straight-up psychic who doesn't hold back, so if you'd prefer someone who soft-pedals, she probably isn't the right choice for you.
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