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Erin Telford
146 W. 29th St., Chelsea
Erin Telford is an incredible breath-worker, healer, acupuncturist, herbalist, and Reiki master who has spent the last few years developing her two main therapeutic programs: breath-work and guiding light sessions (mentorship and therapeutic counseling). It's worth noting that Telford performs these therapies virtually, with clients in New York and further afield who can participate from the comfort of their own homes. Both the breath-work and guiding light programs are ideal for those who feel stuck and have difficulty opening themselves up to love, or for those of us who hold on to pent-up emotions of grief, rage, and resentment.
127 W. 26th St., Chelsea
Barbara Close studied therapeutic herbal therapies and integrative medicine before founding Naturopathica—so it’s equal parts healing center and spa. There’s an apothecary-like boutique hung with giant glass tincture-dispensers in front where you can sample the brand’s gorgeous, botanical-spiked skincare, health-supporting teas (our fav: the Skin Tea to promote a vibrant complexion), herbal-infused honey, and, of course, said tinctures. There’s a tonic bar serving cold-pressed juices, kombucha (the grapefruit mint flavor—omg), and frothy herbal lattes. The spa itself is a huge, dimly lit, atmospheric sanctuary with a plush consultation space (the wallpaper is unforgettably cool), sound-bath alcove, and absolutely incredible massages, facials, and scalp treatments. The Blue Eucalyptus Energizing Massage incorporates deep tissue and acupressure techniques to counter adrenal fatigue, while The Holistic Facial uses lymphatic brushing and a vigorous sculpting massage to release muscle tension and support circulation.
Valley Nails
237 W 15th St., Chelsea
Valley Nails is a happy, serene, clean (as in nontoxic, 7-free, clean-beauty clean), and cool place to get your nails done. Their nail art is off-the-charts amazing, and the eclectic, spare interiors make you want to run home and redecorate everything, but the waterless pedicure is perhaps their most brilliant idea. It sounds un-pampering, somehow, but it’s the opposite: They use fresh, warm wet towels, eliminating the gallons of disinfectants and detergents necessary to keep even the smallest tub of water free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and God knows what else. It’s a lot to not have to think about. It’s a lot to not have to think about. In its place, you think about how amazing the massage feels, how relaxed you are, how thorough and lovely the nail technician is, and, when you walk out the door, how gorgeous and perfect your pedicure looks. They also have a location around the corner from the uptown Barneys, and another in Nolita right by The New Museum.
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