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Bella Revolution (Closed)
333 Portobello Rd., Notting Hill
The team behind this newly opened concept shop/treatment center are taking a 360 approach to wellness. You might book an appointment with resident Naturopath Dr. Izzy Sharkar to get to the bottom of a long-standing ailment, enjoy a relaxing Reiki session with Josie, or pop in to check out their shop, which has everything from clean beauty products to workout gear. They'll even recommend the best water filtration systems. Open 7-days-a-week, the idea is that while wellness might start in one of their five treatment rooms, they'll give you all the tools to put it into practice at home from the water you drink to the toiletries you rely on.
Notting Hill
222-224 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill
The positive affirmations emblazoned on the windows catch your eye first. Then the fluttering pieces of paper taped to the doorframe with words like “gratitude,” “love,” and “forgiveness” (pull off what you need—the equivalent of a wellness fortune cookie, without the cookie) lure you in. Through the Aussie-style café down the stairs is Bodyism, James and Christiane Duigan’s wellness mecca meets private members’ club. Unlike other private gyms, there isn’t a treadmill in sight; instead Bodyism is focused on personal training and classes, teaching clients to be kind to themselves with a more low-impact routine than the often punishing cardio regimes found elsewhere. The ballet, yoga, Pilates, and boxing are all taught—for the most part—by former athletes themselves, and the training sessions are something you’ll actually look forward to. Everyone here remembers your name, and oftentimes you’ll notice a personal message of encouragement on your post-workout shake as you leave.
Notting Hill
Dr. Nigma Talib
11 Lambton Place, Notting Hill
Dr. Nigma Talib is a bit of legend around West London, particularly among Notting Hill’s best-complexioned residents. Treatment starts with a consultation. Dr. Talib believes in a holistic approach and that the face is a map of what’s happening within—dairy-, wine-, and sugar-face are all diagnoses. Expect stool samples, blood tests, and a deep but gentle line of questioning before the naturopath works her magic. These are no ordinary facials, nor are they one-off treatments. Plan on leaving with lifestyle and dietary advice and a renewed sense of calm thanks to Dr. Talib’s soothing manner and cool expertise. The naturopath also works out of the Four Seasons in Los Angeles.
Notting Hill
Eve Kalinik
Having worked in fashion PR, Eve Kalinik understands the crazy pace at which some of her clients live, and how they might not have the time to make their own meals, let alone eat at regular hours. This is probably what makes her one of the most in-demand nutritional therapists of the moment. Eve focuses on teaching her clients new eating habits that they can actually stick to, and introducing foods that are within their reach. Plus, she's into the nitty-gritty, looking into hormone imbalances, food intolerances, and digestive issues when needed to get to the root of her patients' issues.
Notting Hill
KJW Osteopathy
221 Westbourne Park Rd., Notting Hill
When it comes to bodily aches and pains, there's often more to it than meets the eye, which is exactly what osteopath Kristian Wood addresses. He's well versed in fixing injuries, but his healing practice takes his appointments much further than that. Part of a session with Kristian might involve physical touch to release a trapped muscle or nerve, and the rest is a mix of energy healing and therapy, so that aches caused by emotional stresses and blockages can be dislodged for good.
Notting Hill
Skin Matters
222-224 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill
Down a flight of stairs at a private wellness club is Joanne Evans’s Skin Matters. The air is oxygenated, the treatment rooms are immediately calming in neutral tones, and the facials are, without overstating things, life-changing. Joanne has been tending to faces for over two decades. She has an incredibly light touch and is especially good with problematic skin and eczema. She uses a host of different products but is a big fan of Environ, which is gentle on the skin while still being full of active ingredients. Bespoke facials aside, Skin Matters also offers lasers and vitamin infusions, and you can grab a Bodyism shake or an acai bowl on your way out. Evans also has a second location on High Street Kensington.
Notting Hill
The Life Centre
15 Edge Street, Notting Hill
A haven for serious and amateur yogis alike—just check into their packed Islington Saturday morning Jivamukti classes for a taste—both Life Centre locations are also hubs for some of London's best alternative therapies, from cranio sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, reiki and more. While the therapy rooms are not what you get at a glitzy hotel spa, their therapists are incredible healers. The Islington locale has also recently opened up a yoga therapy clinic, where personalized yoga sessions treat a suite of maladies whether they be digestive, endocrine, or emotional. The original location in Islington.
Notting Hill
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