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Gazelli House
174 Walton St., Knightsbridge
While Gazelli is already known for its skincare range developed by Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva, you can expect the therapies offered at their sumptuous new HQ to go way beyond the surface. Membership to their beautiful townhouse on Walton Street comes with their two signature diagnostic treatments. Whether you go in for a facial or a body treatment, each session is completely bespoke and might include anything from microdermabrasion to radio frequency. After that, Gazelli also offers introductions to a variety of other practitioners, from life coaches to hypnotists, to get you glowing from the inside out.
The Bulgari Spa
171 Knightsbridge, Knightsbridge
While it's no surprise that one of London's swankiest hotels would have a bejewelled spa and gym to match, it's the treatments on offer that really make the Bulgari stand out. Cupping, Chinese Tui-Na, the Bowen Technique, Osteopathy, and even Emotional Healing with the self-proclaimed "Modern Day Wizard" (price tag to match) are on offer here. In addition, the spa's Trend Room is home to the hottest pop up wellness concepts and changes every few months. Currently, hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn is in residence, helping clients with everything from sleep issues to dietary troubles with hour long consultations.
The Light Salon
Harvey Nichols, 4th Floor, 109-125, Knightsbridge
This new salon has pretty much revolutionized skincare with a short and relatively affordable LED treatment. First off, the space looks more like a beautifully appointed nail salon than a skin clinic. Once you're seated in one of their comfy grey chairs, it's a quick and painless 11-minute session in front of an LED lamp. Most treatments consist of a combination of Yellow and Near Infrared Light, though for those (including teens) with more acne-prone or scarred skin, courses of Blue Light treatments are also available. Unlike other skin treatments like peels and microdermabrasion, the collagen and elastin boost is immediately evident, leaving clients with a natural glow. It's worth making a habit, as results are said to be cumulative—and it doesn't hurt that the salon is housed inside of Harvey Nichols.
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