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Anastasia Achilleos at The Lanesborough Club & Spa
2 Lanesborough Place, SW1X 7TA, London
Unlike many aestheticians who rely solely on traditional lotions and potions to treat skin maladies, Achilleos targets the facial structures including the lymph nodes, fascia, and muscles. She offers a huge range of therapies including deep cleansing, steam, extraction, and bespoke massages to lift, de-puff, soften dark circles and hyperpigmentation, and reduce congestion in sinuses. Her sessions are relaxing and she makes sure to teach her clients how to best manage their skin at home. Best of all, she incorporates goop by Juice Beauty products into various treatments, which you can often catch at In goop Health Summits in the U.S.
Giulia Esdaile
You might go to Giulia for hay fever and be surprised by the totally non-related questions she asks—about your character, habits, how you sleep—but that's because she's looking for root causes rather than simply treating symptoms. After your first consultation, you'll receive her homeopathic remedy in the mail, which she hand blends herself. The number of sessions depends on the complexity of the issue—a hay fever remedy may just take one visit, while skin disorders, hormonal issues, back aches, arthritis, etc., will take a few. Whatever it may be, she's effective, and incredibly affordable, so it won't break the bank.
Henrik Gaardsdal at Själ
Danish skincare brand Själ incorporates gemstones and high quality minerals into its formulations, which are said to vibrate at high frequencies that cause cellular regeneration. When you put those properties into action, in the form of their chief facialist Henrik Gaardsal's facials, you're in for a treat. He uses Rose Quartz and Amethyst wands for a head-to-toe gemstone massage that relaxes the body and stimulates lymphatic drainage, followed by the most soothing facial around. Some call it a bio-regenerative treatment, others call it heaven. Book in advance as London is just one of Henrik's many international stops.
Katie Light
Trained in both the ancient art of Reiki and the modern science of neurolinguistic programming, Light combined the two to create her own approach, aptly named the Light Technique. Light generally sees patients for a course of four to six appointments and combines talk therapy with Reiki, the idea being that the Reiki relieves pain and helps you relax, while the NLP helps to change our own deeply held habits and beliefs—that's when the real breakthroughs happen. Each session is tailored to the client and Light regularly helps people with everything from stress and anxiety to weight gain, hormonal imbalance, grief, and fatigue. Her massages in and of themselves are a treat.
Keah Lan
Keah Lan has quite a following for her at-home Pilates, yoga, and reflexology sessions, so much so that she's trained an entire staff in her methods to help satisfy demand. She's an exacting teacher and when it comes to reflexology; a session goes far beyond deep relaxation. Integrating her background in Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine, she can also identify vitamin deficiencies and posture problems, help with insomnia, and more—though she's probably best known for her pre- and post-natal reflexology and yoga sessions. Bring your kids, she works wonders on them, too.
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