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Diane MacLellan
It's rarely a health issue that takes people to Diane MacLelllan, though her lessons in Alexander Technique can certainly help in that department, especially when it comes to back and neck pain. In addition to teaching better posture, she’s an expert in body language, presentation skills, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which means you can visit her for the suite. The idea is that if we train ourselves to better our language and posture, we’ll train (or program) our brains to feel better, too.
Jackie Denholm-Moore
It's not surprising that editors, celebrities, and even royals trust their faces to Jackie. She spends three days a week in a mews house, taking appointments from early morning until late in the evening. Her clients stay with her for years, not only for her incredible facials but also for quality waxing, electrolysis, pedicures, manicures, brows, lashes, body treatments, massage, and peels—all done to perfection. It may take a while to get an appointment, but when it happens, you'll be thrilled with the results.
293 Fulham Rd., Chelsea
While the main draw here is the gym where you can choose between fat blasting cardio, cycling classes, or working out in the privacy of their custom fitness pods, what lures us here more often are the five treatment rooms. Developed specifically for gym-goers, the sports massages here are heavenly, while the acupuncture, osteopathy, and nutritional therapy services work to enrich the effects of your workout. There are healthy meals available here, too, if you're making a day of it.
1 Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea
Just walking into this serene, beautifully designed townhouse is calming, from the gorgeous wood-paneled interiors centered around an ornate staircase to incredible therapists who seem to move—and somehow communicate—practically soundlessly. The Malaysian-inspired treatments incorporate incredible spices and flowers. (The Nutmeg Flower Bath Ritual, a contemporary take on the traditional Malaysian mandi bath, combines 33 essential oils, reflex work, and metabolism-boosting massage. Arrive early to take advantage of the subterranean dip pool (complete with a softly-trickling waterfall) or a private yoga session inside the spa’s own studio.
Yvonne Wake
Though she's probably most famous for her 6-week weight loss program called "The B," Yvonne also provides nutritional advice for people who are recovering from serious illnesses, re-teaching them how to eat according to their new needs. The reason why her nutritional advice works, and why she's so well thought of by people like Lily Simpson at the Detox Kitchen, is her warm personality and her adaptable programs. She prescribes nutritional plans according to your lifestyle and makes you stick with it under her watch so that it's not just advice, but habit-forming change. Yvonne also doubles as a life coach, and invariably, when you're trying to make big life changes, it often starts with making small food swaps.
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