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Queen Bee
10182 Culver Blvd., Culver City
There's a pretty cheeky design aesthetic here, that takes a deep bow to the Queen: Union Jack covered chairs, portraits of Her Majesty, and floral, chintz wallpaper that looks like it was lifted from the walls of a country estate set the vibe. The concept is in line with the idea that everyone should be treated like royalty, which explains the extras (like long and late opening hours). Go for “The Full Monty” as they use wax from Italy, which is applied warm (not hot) to protect the skin. Jodi Shays is the owner, and the person to see if possible. Locations in Brentwood and Culver City.
Culver City
8830 Washington Blvd.
This is not your regular neighborhood mani/pedi joint. The thoughtfully designed space is outfitted with mid-century modern furniture (you won’t find any oversized massage chairs) and the technicians are incredibly well-trained. They do kiddie manicures, at-home appointments, and best of all, it’s open late. Culver City is just their newest outpost—the original is in Tribeca, and there's a third outpost at the Parker Meridien hotel in Midtown, plus a location in the Financial District and another in Austin, Texas.
Culver City
WMN Space
10764 Washington Blvd., Culver City
This all-ladies clubhouse is welcoming (to women) and airy, perfect for healing, supporting, and learning from other women. If you’re imagining the stodgy members-only clubs of yore, don’t. The WMN, a play on word of a space for women to gather, is deliberately unfussy. Founded by doula Paula Mallis, WMN Space offers everything from pre- and post-natal workshops to meditation and movement classes to full-moon circles. The roster of in-house specialists includes a vaginapractor (if you’re not familiar, it’s essentially a chiropractor for your vagina) healers, hypnotists as well as talk and body therapists.
Culver City
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