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Angie Banicki
While you'll frequently find Angie on the Hollywood party circuit—she can do lightning readings of 5-10 minutes making her great for events—she also does more intensive one-on-one Tarot sessions. Using a variety of decks and a deep understanding of numerology, Angie can tap into bigger questions around purpose, career, and love to furnish guidance and direction. Her cards are spot-on, and even when she asks, and asks again, they don't tend to deviate in their message. A former PR/marketing exec, Angie herself is light and bubbly, which means that even harder readings are served up gently.
Colleen McCann
Colleen, a former fashion stylist turned certified shamanic energy medicine practitioner (her appreciation for beautiful things is immediately apparent when you see her at work with crystals), conducts sessions on both coasts, dividing her time between NYC and LA. A session might include everything from stones to Tarot to reiki, but the end result is a life coaching session from someone who can intuitively sense everything that's at play. What’s great about Colleen is the seamless way she blends the practical with the mystical—so Reiki virgins need not be intimidated. She also does more out-of-the-book sessions like deep closet purging and intuitive business building.
Kelsey Patel
While Kelsey Patel is highly intuitive, and skilled at everything from Reiki to tapping, it's the way that she manages to stitch it all together into something actionable and concrete that makes sessions a great investment. She worked on Capitol Hill in her former life, so she brings a certain real-world pragmatism that's a nice counter to her work with crystals. As a bonus, she's very plugged into the LA wellness scene, so is full of fantastic advice and a deep rolodex should you need a referral.
Lauren Roxburgh
Lauren Roxburgh is a bit of a body whisperer. Trained as a structural integration practitioner, Roxburgh will take you through a Rolfing-like sequence of 10 sessions where she realigns your entire body by manipulating the fascia, releasing the areas where we all tend to hold stress (the jaw, the diaphragm, and the pelvic floor) in the process. She can, quite truly, make anyone look and feel taller, thinner, and more connected—and she has a Rolodex of professional athletes to prove it.
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