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AES Acne Clinic
222 Columbus Ave., Financial District
It’s a sad fact that for many, acne doesn’t just magically disappear the day after high school graduation. As its name suggests, the specialty at the Acqua e Sapone Acne Clinic is treating adult acne, whether by way of hyper-targeted facial treatments or via their brilliant acne boot camp, which incorporates facials, a tailored product regimen, and skin coaching—essentially, a system for controlling acne long-term through diet.
Alchemie Spa
2021 Main St., Santa Monica, Los Angeles
The space is an eco-haven, designed with renewable, sustainable flourishes (the walls are made of cork, seagrass, and recycled wood)—and the facials are healing, pampering, and just: beyond. The Custom Superfood Facial floods skin with nutrients from tamarind, acai, turmeric, and manuka honey, while the Enlightening Ormus treatment’s miracle trifecta of microcurrent, LED light, and nurturing essential oil blends thoroughly revives skin. The infrared saunas are each tucked into a cozy private room with a shower—and they aren’t hooked up to Bluetooth, which means the promise of a genuine digital detox, too.
Alexandra Wagner
1636 Abbot Kinney, Venice, Los Angeles
Perched up above Abbot Kinney, this whitewashed space feels more like a tree house than a spa. Wagner, who also moonlights as a painter, is chill and wonderful, meaning that an hour spent with her skilled hands is kind of like hanging with a friend. A recovering tanning junkie herself, Wagner is nothing short of a magician when it comes to banishing sun spots and UV damage. Product-wise, the focus here is on holistic and organic lines, supplemented by Wagner's own turmeric and plant stem cell serum.
3250 W. Olympic Blvd., Koreatown
A shop well known for its customer service (ask for Irene—she's a K-town legend), Amore is freehanded with the samples, which is both fun and necessary, as the product choices are almost endless. Take full advantage of the staff’s extensive knowledge of the hundreds of serums, masks, creams, and cleansers lining the shelves. They will closely assess your skin before diving into the recommendations. Aside from getting the correct advice for your skin type, listening to the Amore staffers describe the products—and their intimate knowledge of those hyaluronic-acid-heavy snail secretions—is like receiving an intense K-beauty tutorial.
Andi Scarbrough
2821 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica
Sure she can give you a haircut and highlights, but Andi Scarbrough's real gift is in her energy work, specifically a combination of intuition, Reiki, and hands-on healing which is part of her Crown Works treatment. In short, she sits you in her chair for a chat (here she explains why hair stylists are uniquely prepared for energy work), hands you a crystal, and then uses her hands, essential oils, tuning forks, and a special rose quartz comb to shift your mood. The treatment is subtle, but magical, and worth it even if you're not in the mood for a cut.
Andy Lecompte Salon
616 North Almont Dr., West Hollywood
As buzzy hair salons go, Andy Lecompte stands out for its fun, laid-back vibe. Most people know the salon for its stylists and colorists but you can also get a mani/pedi, threading, or a makeup touch-up while you’re there. (Ask for an iced coffee while you wait—they are surprisingly good.) We try to get in for a cut with Leanne Citrone when we can. She’s a co-owner of the salon with Lecompte. Citrone has a good eye for fixing cuts gone wrong or grown out, and she's great at coming up with a style that suits you. But she also listens, so you won’t get quietly bullied into something you don’t want. She’s warm and funny and cuts with her go by faster than we’d like. If you’re going in for a treatment later in the day, plan to meet friends and grab a drink or dinner at Gracias Madre around the corner.
Angela Caglia Skin Spa
2924 Beverly Glen Circle., Suite B, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles
This serene oasis is tucked away in Glen Centre in Bel Air. Guests sip cucumber-lavender water in plush robes and emerge gleamy after the only facial on the menu: La Vie en Rose Power. Caglia herself has twenty-three years of experience and a touch that’s both soothing and assertive, and she customizes her facial to suit any concern. Microphoto treatment tightens pores, radiofrequency lifts, peels help tone and soften discoloration, and a massage with a rose quartz roller helps drive in Caglia’s beautiful botanical infusions. You amble out completely rejuvenated.
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