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Ashley Brothers
It's difficult to articulate Ashley's full scope, as she offers everything from psychopomp (helping souls transition to the other side, like a death doula) to soul retrieval (finding unresolved traumas from past lives and energetically healing them). It is pretty much as mysterious as it sounds: Deeply intuitive, Ashley will riff on everything from your spirit guides to your spirit animals, touching on life path and purpose and the soundness of your relationships. She's based in Sedona, but also does sessions over the phone.
Claudia Halsell
3903 E. Pima St., Tucson
Claudia’s laidback way will immediately put you at ease—partnered by the fact that she’s refreshingly astute: She will zero in on the points of your body where you’re feeling pain or discomfort, and an hour later, you’ll emerge feeling peacefully realigned. Claudia works out of a private practice in Tucson, Arizona—and at the Canyon Ranch wellness resort there, where she’s known for her Healing Touch sessions, which draw on Reiki techniques.
Sedona Vortex Retreat
Ride the waves of healing energy among the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Sign up for a day long retreat and head off into the wild where your guide will help you tap into the transformational energies that are created where electromagnetic lines intersect. Though some may be wary of the New Age ways (add-ons include drum journeys and shamanic sound healings) even skeptics can't debate the beauty of the epic landscape. Sedona Vortex Retreat doesn't provide accommodations; we'd recommend bunking up at the L'Auberge de Sedona.
Sierra Tucson
39580 S. Lago del Oro Parkway, Tucson
The issues that contribute to addiction, eating disorders, chronic pain, and PTSD are always multifaceted, so it makes sense that the approach to overcoming them would be dynamic too. Set in the high desert of Arizona with majestic mountains views, this center is dually licensed as a Special Hospital and Behavioral Health Residential Treatment Center and pulls from a broad range of therapeutic resources (including the 12-Step Process, adventure therapy, equine experiences, EMDR, and a labyrinth) so that it can provide the most comprehensive and personalized care and solutions for its in-patients.
The Meadows
1655 N. Tegner St., Wickenburg
The trauma and addiction specialists at The Meadows lead participants through Survivors Week, a workshop based on the book, Facing Codependence, that's geared towards uncovering, understanding, and releasing any childhood traumas that may be blocking a person from being their best self and living their best life. And while people from all walks of life touch down in Arizona to explore their past to heal their future, those in crisis can check into the center for more serious support in conquering addictions (sexual, alcohol, drug, love, work, gambling) as well as issues including depression, eating disorders, and PTSD.
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