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Elise Loehnen

Elise Loehnen

chief content officer, goop

Articles by Elise Loehnen

  • Why did you join goop?

    There aren’t a lot of brands that speak to the full woman—that sounds so lame, but I wanted to be somewhere brave enough to start important conversations, curious enough to explore the weird stuff, and low-key enough to celebrate all the beautiful things out there to buy.

  • goop shop obsession?

    The Alison Lou Mrs. Ring: I officially changed my name when I got married a few years ago, but really fall down on using it (Fissmer). This alleviates some of the guilt.

  • Go-to weeknight recipe?

    Chicken Burgers, Thai-Style.

  • How did you get to goop?

    Lucky Magazine, Time Out New York, Condé Nast Traveler, and ultimately a move West for a big internet company in Los Angeles…sometimes you just have to trust the process. Jump, and know that someone (i.e., GP) will catch you.

  • First job?

    Delivering food trays in a hospital, which taught me that it is not possible to live on the minimum wage.

  • Mentor?

    My first boss, Kim France, the founding EIC of Lucky Magazine and a dear friend to this day: Hilarious, rigorous, irreverent, and at times terrifying, Kim had a deep respect and reverence for the reader. She taught me that without that, you’re toast.

  • Hometown?

    Missoula, MT.

  • Goopiest moment so far?

    I’ve become pretty intolerably preachy about the toxic load in household and personal care products—but I also have several young friends who have just been diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, so, well, there’s that.

  • Where can you be found on Thursday mornings?

    Usually stalking GP in her kitchen. Can’t hit send on the weekly issue without a final GTG…and she likes to write the subject lines, because, well, my subject lines are usually mixed metaphors and malapropisms.

  • What would you put on your neon sign?

    I actually have a neon sign, and it says: “I Brake For Unicorns.”

  • Essential beauty product?

    Soapwalla Deodorant—the user experience is not awesome (you apply it with your fingertips), but it works as well as the most hardcore deodorant at CVS.

  • Thing you buy in bulk?

    Seventh Generation Diapers—I have a 2-year-old son, Max.

  • Favorite book?

    Brideshead Revisited and Angle of Repose.

  • Movie you always watch when it shows up on HBO?

    Secret of My Success. Duh.

  • First celebrity crush?

    Keanu Reeves. Speed. Point Break. Speed.

  • Favorite date night activity?

    Dinner at Chinois on Main, and then home to relieve the babysitter. Max doesn’t respect date nights: He gets up at 6am regardless.

  • Healer?

    Lauren Roxburgh realigned my body post-baby and puts me back into position when I get all janked up; Dr. Junger helped me over a post-natal nutritional hump through Clean; and Jill Willard gives me excellent life advice.

  • Preferred form of exercise?

    Tracy Anderson! You can’t work at goop unless you know all of Tracy’s dance cardio routines. #fact