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Dr. Adam Cunliffe (RNutr)

Dr. Adam Cunliffe (RNutr)

  • bio

    Having completed a Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition, Adam spent two years working with critical care patients in the intensive therapy unit at the Royal London Hosptal. He then established a career as a researcher and educator, teaching at several major London Universities. He also founded Cavendish Health Services, a successful nutrition and health screening and advisory service at the University of Westminster.

    Adam has published his research findings on multiple aspects of diet and health including diabetes, obesity, fatigue states, human performance and nutrition for healthy ageing. He has shared his expertise in nutrition and health as an inspirational speaker for government departments and major corporations in London. He has also provided professional development services to private and NHS healthcare professionals.

    In addition to teaching, research and media commentary, Adam also offers one to one nutrition counselling to clients, providing nutritional guidance for a wide range of health conditions ranging from helping those wishing to optimise health and wellbeing or sports performance, through to long term health conditions and stress states.