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Brittany Pattner

Brittany Pattner

creative consultant, goop
  • goop shop obsession?

    Michael Kors Kallie fact, I just bought them.

  • Go-to weeknight recipe?

    Roast chicken.

  • How did you get to goop?

    Through my uncle Bernie Brillstein, who connected me to Aleen Keshishian, who connected me to Gwyneth. The rest is history.

  • Hometown?

    Venice, CA.

  • Where can you be found on Thursday mornings?

    On my computer and probably on the phone with Elise.

  • What would you put on your neon sign?

    What’s Going On?

  • Wouldn't leave home without?

    My phone, sadly, but we have a website to run!

  • Essential beauty product?

    Mary Kay eyebrow gel. Kristie Streicher turned me on to it to tame these bad boys and I have never looked back. And Aquaphor…I slather that sh!t on.

  • Won't fly without?

    Avene Eau Thermale water spray. And Xanax.

  • Favorite movie?

    Pretty Woman. It’s also my dad’s favorite movie so there’s that.

  • First celebrity crush?

    Prince William.