The 10 Best Vibrators of 2022

Written by: Leah Bedrosian, MPH


Updated: August 31, 2022

The 10 Best Vibrators of 2022
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You might have heard on Netflix: It’s called the vulva, not the vagina. And we think the vulva deserves more attention and exploration, maybe with the help of a good vibrator—or two, or three. Whether it’s from solo play or with a partner, sexual pleasure has benefits for mental clarity, concentration, stress relief, and so much more. Unfortunately, there are still barriers to sexual pleasure, particularly for women: shame, cultural conditioning, lack of good sex ed, and a pronounced orgasm gap among heterosexual couples. What can change this? Talking about it, better communication between partners, getting comfortable with asking questions, learning to ask for what we want—and sometimes taking things into your own hands. On that last note, we’ve rounded up the best sex toys for internal and external stimulation, and everything in between.

clitoris clitoris

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What and where

The clitoris is a sensitive, pea-shaped area of tissue located at the top of the vulva. It can sometimes be hidden behind thin skin called the clitoral hood, which can be pulled back to reveal the clitoris. The clitoris is packed with thousands of nerves, making it a highly sensitive and pleasurable area. Most people with vulvas achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation. However, the clitoris isn’t just this small external area; it also extends inside the body, shaped sort of like a wishbone, framing the inside of the vagina. Labia are the thin inner folds of the vulva, and they are often sensitive and pleasurable, too.


Some people like direct stimulation of their clitoris, while for others, the clitoris can be more sensitive or uncomfortable to touch. If you’re new to clitoral stimulation, you may want to start by first touching the clitoris gently through the clitoral hood using up-and-down or circular motions. Then you may begin to work your way up to stronger pressure and quicker movements or touch the clitoris directly. Applying a lubricant can also help reduce friction and sensitivity.

Which lube can I use with my vibrator?

Water-based lube can be safely used with sex toys and condoms. Oil-based lubes, however, can cause condoms and sex toys to degrade. Look for a clean, paraben-free lubricant that’s gentle and nonirritating. We love this no-touch lube warmer from Pulse, which delivers a uniformly measured dollop of warmed (water-based) lubricant into your fingers using a motion sensor.

    Pulse PULSE WARMER goop, $199

The best vibrators for clitoral stimulation:


Wands provide a rumbly, powerful external vibration, which is good for those who need more stimulation to get off. Our Double-Sided Wand Vibrator does that with its wonder-ball end, and more: The other end is slim and flexible for precise clitoral vibration, as well as exploration of the vaginal opening. (You can also use the slim end to penetrate one to three inches for internal stimulation; it feels especially good pressed against the vagina’s front wall.) The vibrator is water-resistant for bath and shower play and has an LED battery-light display, so you can rest assured it won’t die on you in the heat of the moment.

  1. GOOP WELLNESS Double-Sided Wand Vibrator GOOP WELLNESS Double-Sided Wand Vibrator
    goop Wellness Double-Sided Wand Vibrator goop, $98

Blown away

Using “smart silence” technology, the Womanizer provides air pressure and light vibrations to the clitoris, which feels a lot like oral sex. The toy may be silent, but you may not be—we’ve found it’s a consistent path to an intensely satisfying orgasm.

  1. The Womanizer The Womanizer
    Womanizer Womanizer Premium Eco goop, $199


We designed Viva la Vulva for some seriously satisfying orgasms. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use: Just hug your thumb and middle finger around the gold bubble in the middle, then use the highest point of the arch to target your clitoris—the vibrations are strongest in the middle and diffuse out from there—and press the device into your vulva as you get into a rhythm. Start out at the lowest vibration level to build arousal, and cycle through a total of three steady intensities and seven patterns to bring your orgasm home. To change things up, take Viva la Vulva into a steamy shower (it’s water-resistant) or pass it off to a partner to explore its vibrations together.

  1. goop Wellness Viva la Vulva Vibrator goop, $98 goop Wellness Viva la Vulva Vibrator goop, $98
    goop Wellness Viva la Vulva Vibrator goop, $98

Oral care

For those who can’t get enough tongue action, meet The French Lover by Smile Makers. The flexible tip lightly vibrates and can be flicked around to simulate the delicate licking sensation of oral stimulation. It’s great for a teasing buildup, for beginners, or for those who are more sensitive to strong pressure.

    Smile Makers THE FRENCH LOVER VIBRATOR goop, $60
vagina vagina


What and where

The vagina is the canal that connects the exterior of the vulva to the interior cervix and reproductive organs, aka the birth canal or where penetrative vaginal sex occurs. Some people get the vagina confused as the whole package, but it’s just one part of the vulva.


The vagina can be stimulated with fingers, penetrative sex, or sex toys. You might try playing with the speed of motion in and out or changing up the angle. Combining internal vaginal stimulation with exterior stimulation can heighten your senses and increase pleasure by stimulating the clitoris internally. (Again, many people do not orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone.)

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is said to be a bundle of nerve fibers located inside your vagina, toward your belly, about a knuckle deep. But as researcher Nicole Prause, PhD, told us in The Sex Issue, “There is no spot on the anterior vaginal wall that has a unique anatomy or is consistently placed across women [people], so there isn’t a standard for finding areas of sensitivity.” In short: We’re all different, and there’s no need to stress about zeroing in on a single spot or conforming to a cultural myth. If you find a particular area that is sensitive or feels good to stimulate, carry on!

The best vaginal and dual-stimulation vibrators:


If you’re new to internal vibrators, The Tennis Pro provides a gentle introduction. The rounded head of this slightly curved G-spot vibrator can be inserted and moved on an angle to provide targeted pressure to the vagina as you switch through the four different speeds and two pulsation modes.

    Smile Makers THE TENNIS PRO VIBRATOR goop, $60

ahead of the curve

Everything about this adult toy is designed to maximize pleasure. With the press of a button, the vibrator warms to just above body temperature, promoting arousal and muscle relaxation so you can really ease into the moment. It has just enough flexibility to move with you and help you find angles that feel exactly right. And the dual-density silicone is squishable, so you can apply pressure without discomfort. Play with three steady intensities and seven vibration patterns to drive your climax home.

  1. goop Wellness Ultraplush Self-Heating G-Spot Vibrator goop, $89
    goop Wellness Ultraplush Self-Heating G-Spot Vibrator goop, $95

Double the pleasure

For those who can’t choose, the Nova 2 by We-Vibe combines both internal and external stimulation and vibrations in a rabbit-shaped vibrator with longer “ears” that are designed to provide constant contact with your body as you move. You can turn the flexible clitoral stimulator’s vibrations on or off. And you can customize your own vibration patterns and intensity by downloading the We-Connect app. (This one is also bath-friendly.)

  1. We-Vibe Nova 2 We-Vibe Nova 2
    We-Vibe Nova 2 Vibrator goop, $149

Powerful vibrations

The Romantic’s motor provides powerful vibrations deep inside (it’s over seven inches long), while the curved head can be adjusted to hit your most sensitive spots. It’s also lined with ridges, providing unique internal sensations when moved in and out.

    Smile Makers THE ROMANTIC VIBRATOR goop, $89
naked couple naked couple



Using a vibrator during foreplay or intercourse can help you reach a new level of pleasure. Or for some side-by-side play, you can use a sex toy on yourself while your partner watches. The motorcycle position strengthens intimacy and can be quite erotic: Have your partner sit behind you, straddling with their legs wide, using a toy on you or kissing your neck while you take things into your own hands. Another tip: You can also use toys on other areas (the nipples, labia, balls…).

The best partner vibrators:


Holding a sex toy in place while hooking up with a partner can be cumbersome. The flexible “wings” here are meant to be tucked under the labia to help hold the vibrator in place so that all hands are free to support body weight or do whatever else you’d like them to do. It might take some practice and adjusting to find the right position—pull each labium (lip) over one wing at a time. (This is also a good solo play option if you don’t like the feeling of vibrations on your hand.)

  1. Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR
    Dame Products EVA II VIBRATOR goop, $135

Friend of foreplay

Finger vibrators, like the Fin, are designed to be effortless, feel natural to wear, and not distract from the moment. Just slide your pointer and middle fingers along the grooves and change the intensity with the power button on top.

  1. Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR
    Dame Products FIN VIBRATOR goop, $85


Some sex toys and accessories deserve a special mention.


support system

Our science and research team set out to create a supplement we could add to our sexual-wellness toolkit to help address some of the common roadblocks to desire. They started with Libifem® fenugreek extract, which was clinically shown to support healthy sexual arousal and desire in women. Then they added shatavari, a traditional female health adaptogen. Saffron extract rounds out the formula, providing mood support.*

  1. goop Wellness dtf goop, $55/$50 with subscription
    goop Wellness dtf goop, $58/$50 with subscription

Right angle

Slide the wedge-shaped Pillo Sex pillow under your hips and butt to create new angles during sex. It’s firm yet soft on the surface, and great for discovering new sweet spots.

  1. Dame Products PILLO SEX PILLOW Dame Products PILLO SEX PILLOW
    Dame Products PILLO SEX PILLOW goop, $95


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