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Two Great CSAs in a Box

Farm to Kitchen Table

While we wish we could say that we shop the local farmer’s markets every week (there are some pretty great ones in Los Angeles), sometimes Sunday rolls around and we realize we missed the window. Two recently launched subscription services—Quinciple in New York, Summerland in Los Angeles—take care of the predicament, delivering an impressive array of farm-fresh produce and specialty ingredients every week.


    New York

    As their tagline suggests, “These are not groceries.” Quinciple founder Kate Galassi, who used to forage for The Spotted Pig and The Breslin—yes, that was her job—struck out on her own, and applied her vast knowledge of the top local farms and specialty shops in the process. These boxes are curated from her rolodex of top-notch suppliers, plus she rounds out the offering with great recipes specific to that week’s selection. You might get local, grass-fed beef, chilies, peppers, and a miso paste from a specialty shop in Brooklyn to make a sauce, plus organic brown jasmine rice, hulled in an antique Japanese mill. Because why not, right? P.S. They’re offering goop readers 20% off: Enter “GOOP20” at checkout.


    Los Angeles

    Based in downtown Los Angeles, Summerland delivers organic fruits and veggies from local producers on the day of your choice. You can pick all fruit, all veggies, a combo, or, our current favorite, the “Back to School” box—with all of the above, plus bread, eggs, snacks, and kid-friendly specialty ingredients to make a few meals during the school week.