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There’s Finally Great BBQ in L.A.

Historically, Los Angeles hasn’t been a great town for barbecue, but that seems to be changing with Maple Block Meat Co., which just opened in Culver City. Launched by Daniel Weinstock (Spago), Adam Cole (The Bazaar), and restauranteur Mike Garrett the menu combines their intimate knowledge of food and presentation with barbecue chops gleaned from Cole’s Texas upbringing. At Maple Block, the entire butchering process is executed on site, where there just happens to be an enormous smoker (which, appropriately, is fueled by locally-sourced peachwood). The result is what many are calling the best barbecue in the city, served alongside a pared-down menu that showcases southern-inspired veggie, fluffy biscuits, and fruit cobbler that’s more than worth the sugar bomb. Brisket is definitely one of the things to order, along with the absurdly good turkey and pulled pork.