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The 10 Most Popular goop Posts

We went through our archives this week to resurface 10 of our most popular evergreen issues—these are all from MAKE and DO (since the GETs aren’t shoppable anymore). We love doing these round-ups, as it’s nice to see that some of our favorite stories were your favorites, too.

  • Detox


    This is our most read issue ever—and it was also one of our first. In consultation with Dr. Alejandro Junger, we created a week-long detox menu to recover from post-holiday indulgence. While it was first published in January, it’s a good failsafe anytime you want to get your diet back on track.

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  • One Pan Meals

    One Pan Meals

    We focused on a handful of impressive—yet simple—recipes that require virtually no clean-up.

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  • Tracy Anderson's 15-Minute Workout

    Tracy Anderson's 15-Minute Workout

    Our main fitness go-to, Tracy Anderson, answered burning questions like how to get our bodies back post-pregnancy, and why some women gain weight while training for marathons. Tracy also gave us a 15-minute routine to amplify any workout.

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  • A Better Breakfast

    A Better Breakfast

    Breakfast is easy to skip, but when done right, it quickly rises to prominence as the most important meal of the day. We partnered with Dr. Frank Lipman on protein-packed, easy-to-make swaps for traditional cereal and toast.

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  • It's All Good

    It's All Good

    In celebration of the launch of her second cookbook, GP broke down her cooking philosophy and shared a few easy family-friendly recipes from the book.

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  • Fly Better

    Fly Better

    GP gave us her tips and tricks for air travel (transatlantic and otherwise), from her plane uniform, to carry-on essentials, to keeping in-flight germs at bay.

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  • How to Do Your Own Hair

    How to Do Your Own Hair

    As any woman with a blowdryer knows, doing your hair well is actually an art. We tapped London-based hairdresser George Northwood to take us through four simple hairstyles.

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  • A Warming Winter Detox

    A Warming Winter Detox

    This detox menu was designed around the concept of warming winter dishes. Dr. Junger imparted advice on cleansing when it’s cold out, while Dr. Habib Sadeghi introduced us to a more productive way of looking at weight loss—from the inside out.

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  • The French Pharmacy

    The French Pharmacy

    Over the years we’ve met many a makeup artist who swears by x or y product they picked up while working in France, and so we compiled the definitive list of what to stock up on when you have the chance.

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  • Spring Break Prep

    Spring Break Prep

    The ultimate cheat sheet to getting ready for beach time: The best juice cleanses, our rolodex of laser hair removal, spray tan, and wax spots, plus Tracy Anderson shared a mini workout and tips on getting the most out of time at the gym.

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