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Kitchen Motivation: Michael Pollan’s Cooked

It’s no secret that Netflix’s food porn game has been strong recently (see Chef’s Table)—and their latest food-centric documentary, Cooked, is no exception. The four-part series, a collaboration with Michael Pollan, is based on his book of the same name, with each episode for a chapter—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Fans of Pollan will already have read his fascinating deep-dive into the anthropological history of cooking (which was released in 2013), but the documentary’s stunning visuals bring an entirely new level of complexity to the story. Fair warning for newcomers: While Pollan’s message actually defends ethical consumption of meat and makes a strong case for gluten, it will almost certainly leave you swearing off processed food at least in the short term. Either way, the gorgeous imagery of global comfort foods and the illustration of their place in our social and cultural structures might be all the motivation you need to cook at home tonight.