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It’s Happening: Locol

Congrats to our good friend, Roy Choi, on getting this amazing new concept off the finish line. Because, despite all the focus these days on cleaner eating (farm-to table, organic, hyper-local, and on and on), there hasn’t been a whole lot of movement in the fast food industry. But chefs Roy Choi (Kogi, LA) and Daniel Patterson (Coi, SF)—with help from industry friends like Chad Robertson of Tartine, and Noma’s Rene Redzepi—are looking to change that. It’s called Locol, and it’s a crowd-funded initiative on Indiegogo (apparently, their most popular yet), with a simple, but revolutionary, premise. They believe that fast food is the way it is simply because it’s being puppeteered by suits at big corporations, rather than chefs. As Choi explains: “You wouldn’t have record execs making the music, right? That’s what musicians do. But right now, cooks aren’t designing the food that most people are eating. The suits are. Let’s get back to chefs making the food and the moral choices for the people. Let’s get in and cook.”

And so they’re going to do exactly that: The first Loco’l restaurant is slated to open in SF’s Tenderloin district later this year, with a location in LA’s Watts to follow. And while their Indiegogo campaign has already met its goal, it’s not too late to get involved—the page is up and accepting contributions until midnight tonight, with some good incentives, like your name up on the wall.