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Frenchie Returns—to London

For the last six years it’s been near impossible to land a table at Greg and Marie Marchand’s much-loved Paris restaurant, Frenchie and its Bar a Vins offshoot across the street. Lucky for London, the Marchands have just landed across the channel, opening the doors to a glistening new space, complete with an open kitchen theater downstairs as a nod to the original. Open now for lunch (and not just dinner), with a long bar that’s permanently for walk-ins only, the best news is the Henrietta street chapter isn’t jam-packed—yet. Before the inevitable happens, make a beeline to Covent Garden to sample Marchand’s masterful, tapas-style menu incorporating his tastes from working in New York, Paris, and London’s best kitchens. In fact, Frenchie is a return to London for Greg, having earned his stripes at places like Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, where he also earned his nickname: Frenchie. From his elegant takes on the likes of Cornish Cod and Yorkshire Chicken, you can tell he’s having fun reigniting his friendships with the best London producers, all the while showing his French roots with an ever-changing sampling of French cheeses and worldly wines.