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Laid-Back Entertaining for Hosts
Who Like to Have Fun

In partnership with our friends at Miami Cocktail Company

Because parties are way more fun when the host is also having a good time: a superior canned spritz, a more-is-more grazing table, eclectic global tunes, and a few more ways to stress less and keep the vibes right all night long.

A One-and-Done Cocktail Bar

The canned spritzes from Miami Cocktail Company are our number one choice because they’re so delicious, they’re made with top-quality ingredients, and they really come through on the party circuit. They’re a carefree host’s dream: perfectly mixed, individually portioned, and essentially requiring no cleanup. We don’t need to say more.

You could certainly put out a selection of the many flavors, but there is something cool and confident about having a single showstopper. This summer, which we’ve casually dubbed “the summer of the spritz,” go for our limited-edition goop x Miami Cocktail Company collaboration, the Limonata SPRITZ. It’s citrusy, subtly herbaceous, and effervescent, and it goes with everything. Plus, a portion of the proceeds is going to one our favorite philanthropic partners, charity: water, to help serve communities without access to clean water. That’s something we can all raise a glass—or a can—to.

  1. goop x Miami Cocktail Company Limonata SPRITZ
    goop x Miami Cocktail Company Limonata SPRITZ Miami Cocktail Company,
    $13 for a 4-pack

Minimalist Décor

Decorating can feel intimidating, but you can do a lot with a little. Stick to a few elements and echo them throughout the space. For example, we recently hosted a gathering at our Sag Harbor store to celebrate the launch of the Limonata SPRITZ, and this was the scene: delicate florals in soft pastels, crisp and airy white linens, and some earthy natural woven textiles that gave the space a laid-back beachy elegance and made it feel warm and inviting.

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    goop Wellness Metabolism superpowder
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    1. Roman and Williams
              Fringed Flax Linen Napkin Set
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    2. Anne Black
              Strip Narrow Vase, Medium
      Anne Black Stripe Narrow Vase goop, $40
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    3. Fique + Clay
              Woven Placemat
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    Graze Area

    There is a time and place for multicourse dinners, and this isn’t one of them. Instead, put together a big grazing table. Now if you Google “grazing table,” you will find elaborate long tables covered end to end with salami rosettes and fanned crackers, and if you’re up for that, kudos and godspeed. But if you want to take a less complicated route: To us, the beauty of a grazing table is that it’s fun and celebratory for guests—and highly doable for hosts. A combination of crudités and dip, cheese and crackers, and some kind of protein—charcuterie, shrimp cocktail, or a DIY oyster-shucking station would work—will feed a group of varied ages, tastes, and dietary needs. We also love that this strategy relies on little to no cooking. It’s more about curating and arranging, which is the fun part.

    Preserved Lemon Mignonette

    Preserved-Lemon Mignonette

    This riff on a classic mignonette has a little fermented-salty bite from the preserved lemon, which is balanced by the bright, clean flavor of the white wine vinegar. Serve alongside some fresh horseradish, cocktail sauce, and lemon wedges at your DIY oyster bar.

    Summer Crudites with Avocado Dip

    Summer Crudités with Avocado Dip

    The combo of crunchy veggies and creamy, slightly spicy dip is our new summer favorite.

    Feta, Figs, Thyme and Honey

    Feta, Figs, Thyme, and Honey

    Peak-season figs are spectacular on their own, but serving them alongside salty feta elevates their flavor. A bit of honey, a little thyme, and heat from the cracked black pepper make for a memorable, harmonious bite.


    A No-Brainer Playlist


    One of the worst moments you can have as a host is when you realize it’s a little too quiet and your party playlist ended before you could cue up the next one. It’s a time-sensitive task that tears your away from your guests, and you can never remember the name of that great bolero album when the pressure is on. Skip the fuss and playlists entirely and stream Radiooooo instead. There’s a map on the website along with a timeline, and all you have to do is choose a decade and a country and it will play popular music from that region and era. There are options for slow music (for chilling), fast music (for dancing), and weird music (for bugging out…whatever that means). You’ll have the most vibey tunes serenading your guests all night long—and you’ll get cred for having spectacularly eclectic taste. Try slow songs from 1970s Brazil to get you started and move your way to fast songs from 1970s Algeria. (Turns out anywhere in the ’70s is fun.)

    No Crying Over Spilled Anything

    We all have that one friend who is prone to flamboyant gesticulation and knocking things over. Be prepared for these little accidents by having a pack of L’AVANT Collective multipurpose cleaning wipes on hand. They make quick work of wiping up spills, smell amazing (honeysuckle, who knew!), and come in the chicest packaging of any cleaning product we’ve ever seen—it’s like you pulled out a fashionable little clutch that just happens to help you tidy up.

    1. L’AVANT Collective Biodegradable Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes
      L’AVANT Collective Biodegradable Multipurpose
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    We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest only things we love and think you might, as well. We also like transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through the external links on this page.