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Clean Kitchen Swaps according to Editors,
Chefs, and People Who Know

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We’re always looking for the best kitchen tools to make the most out of every clean meal. And if the tools themselves are easy on the eyes, all the better. We’ve asked a few editors and food-savvy friends to help us round out the high-performing cookware (the no-mess, easy-to-clean-up kind), and we’ve included some five-star accessories that are in high rotation in the goop test kitchen.

  • Caitlin O'Malley goop



  • GREENPAN FRYPAN goop, $65

    “Like most chefs, I was off nonstick cookware because I thought it was potentially toxic. Even though I have a well-seasoned cast-iron pan, I really missed the efficiency and convenience of my old nonstick. When I started working in the goop test kitchen, I was introduced to healthy ceramic nonstick GreenPan—and boy, was I thrilled. Unlike traditional nonstick cookware, GreenPan doesn’t use Teflon; instead, the frypans are coated in a sand derivative that doesn’t release toxic fumes, even if accidentally overheated. Perfectly cooked fried eggs, delightful crispy-burnt grilled cheese, stir-fry, and pasta carbonara were back in my kitchen once again! These pans work great and are a breeze to clean up.”

  • Andrea Arria-Devoe goop

    Andrea Arria-Devoe

    sustainability editor, goop,
    and executive producer of Straws

  • LE PARFAIT glass terrines The Container Store, from $6

    “These airtight Le Parfait Super Jars are essential for storing leftovers, soups, and cut-up veggies, like carrots and celery, in lunch boxes during the week. I also use them to store grains and nuts. Plus they’re French, so there’s that.”

  • NATURAL LINENS BOUTIQUE produce bag set goop, $38

    “These cotton produce bags are key for saying no to plastic bags at the grocery store and farmers’ market. Bonus: They keep your haul super fresh and crisp in the fridge.”

  • Ana Hito goop

    Ana Hito


  • BEE’S WRAP small wrap Bee’s Wrap, $6

    “About two years ago, I went full-force detoxifying my kitchen, swapping plastic Tupperware for metal or glass, getting rid of all single-use items, etc. I came across Bee’s Wrap, and it’s now a kitchen mainstay. I use it as a replacement for cling film. Not only is it reusable but it keeps things like avocados fresher for longer. Cleanup is super easy: just soap and cold water.”

  • Andrea Arria-Devoe goop

    Aishwarya Iyer

    founder & CEO, Brightland

  • ONYX Storage Container goop, $26

    “I pack my lunch in this cute tiffin box every day—usually some stew, soup, or rice at the bottom and veggies on top. I love it because it’s environmentally friendly, and it reminds me of the tiffin boxes that my relatives in India use to transport their own lunches.”

  • Megan Converse goop

    Megan Converse


  • CARAVAN Towels goop, $50

    “These linen dish towels are great for drying dishes because they’re super absorbent and they don’t shed. Plus, they look good hanging in my kitchen.”

  • Heaven Saundersgoop

    Heaven Saunders

    Associate Product Manager, goop

  • SIR MADAM Towel Rack Food52, $120

    “Inspired by my boyfriend’s family home in Denmark, I absolutely fell in love with this infinity towel rack. It is so easy to use—the linen dries quickly and you’re never reaching for paper towels to dry your hands. And after its use is up, throw it in the wash and hang it back up or swap in another infinity linen.”

  • NATURAL LINENS BOUTIQUE Unpaper Towels goop, $32

    “My favorite thing about these unpaper towels is the amount of use you can get out of these guys. Wipes, spills, stains—they can handle it all. And it leaves me feeling guilt-free about making a mess in my kitchen that I would otherwise clean up with too many paper towels.”

  • Megan Converse goop

    Camilla Marcus

    founder/CEO of west~bourne

  • bkr Naked Water Bottle bkr, $38

    “I love bkr water bottles. It’s a female-owned and California-based company, and it makes cutting out plastic and supporting sustainability easy with its BPA-free glass-and-silicone bottles. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors that are great for kids and look chic, too. Just think about the impact we could make if each of us chose not to use plastic water containers again. At west~bourne, we use filtered sparkling and still water on tap and sell bkr bottles to encourage people to stay hydrated while reducing waste and caring for our environment in their daily lives.”