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Pickling with Val

Pickling with Val

Not only is Valerie Aikman-Smith one of our favorite food stylists over at goop HQ, but she’s also a masterful cook, particularly when it comes to the small and simple flourishes that cement a meal in your mind as superlative. Whether she’s smoking the salt, or dusting home-baked bread with fennel pollen, she does her own version of molecular gastronomy in a very down-home, straightforward sort of way. In her latest cookbook, Pickled & Packed, Val demonstrates that you can turn anything from humble onions to fresh-picked cherries into a pantry staple. Since tomato season is winding down, we asked her how to pickle and can the final gasp to make them last.

Springtime Pickled Green Tomatoes


Green tomatoes are wonderful pickled and a great pantry staple to have on hand to brighten cheese boards and sandwiches. Seal in a selection of small or large jars.

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Ricotta Grilled Breads with Pickled Green Tomatoes


Topped with tangy pickled green tomatoes and a dusting of fennel, these grilled breads are delicious served with cold beers. They’re the perfect start to a night.

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Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce


This is a quick, easy, and delicious basic tomato sauce that can be dressed up with spices and herbs for pasta, stews, and pizzas. Use any kind of tomatoes that you like—it will make an array of prettily colored sauces.

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