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Yes, There’s a Way to Actually Enjoy Cooking During the Week, Says This Mother of Two

Yes, There’s a Way to Actually Enjoy Cooking During the Week, Says This Mother of Two

Scroll through jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher’s Instagram and two things are immediately apparent: Michelle Obama and January Jones love her supersize hoops and architectural cuffs as much as we do—and the woman can cook. Whether it’s the poached egg toast or the balsamic dressing she whipped up that morning, Fisher has made an art out of easy family meals. She even started a recipe section—JF Kitchen—on her site after getting requests from her followers. Last year, Fisher started selling a trio of salts, which she uses in just about everything she cooks for her kids, Drew and Shane, and her husband, Kevin. “I do my grocery shopping and prep work ahead of time,” she says, “so during the workweek I actually look forward to cooking for the family.”

Jennifer's Picks

  • GP’s Korean Baked Chicken Wings

    GP’s Korean Baked Chicken Wings

    “I skip the fish sauce, because I can’t stomach it. I add my Spicy Salt to it. Kevin calls them ‘the best spicy wings you’ve ever made.’ The kids love them, too. They’ve got just the right amount of spice.”


  • Grilled BLT Salad

    Grilled BLT Salad

    “A BLT is my favorite sandwich. So any way I can get that without the bread is a win-win for me. I’m also a giant wedge salad obsessive person. There’s something oddly satisfying about cutting the wedge myself. To make this grilled BLT salad my own, I marinate the chicken with Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt, and I also add salt to the salad dressing before puréeing it.”


  • Chinese Pearl Meatballs

    Chinese Pearl Meatballs

    “I love meatballs. These Chinese pearl meatballs are quick, and if you have a steam basket, you can prep beforehand, and you just throw them in. I mix Spicy Salt into the ground chicken meat with the ginger before adding the water chestnuts. It’s really important to season your meat well. My kids love rice, so I make a giant batch. I don’t know where it goes—they inhale it! I do make sure to use organic jasmine rice or brown rice. My kids also love the kale fried rice from Gwyneth’s first cookbook, Notes from My Kitchen Table, and I find that it pairs really nicely with the Chinese pearl meatballs if you’re looking to change things up.”


  • Cider-Dijon Pork Chops with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples

    Cider-Dijon Pork Chops with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples

    “My son Shane loves pork chops. To change things up, I’ll do this cider-Dijon version. You can sneak it in as extra flavor and the kids don’t actually know there is any mustard in it. Sometimes I’ll sub in roasted carrots and broccoli for the sweet potatoes. These pork chops are perfect with a generous amount of fresh black pepper and my Universal Salt. If you’re crunched for time, marinate in the morning, and then all you have to do is throw the meat on the grill pan when you get home. The grill pan is one of my favorite cooking-for-a-family hacks. Sometimes I’ll prep my vegetables on Sunday, then cut, wash, and separate them into baggies so they are ready to go during the week.” 


  • Veggie Egg Nests

    Veggie Egg Nests

    “I have a hyperactive thyroid, so I try to eat eggs almost every morning to get my protein. I’ve canceled out carbs and added eggs. It makes me feel so much better and gives me the burst of energy I need in the morning. I like to have Meatless Mondays at home, and instead of eating tofu, I’ll cook eggs for the family for dinner. Sometimes it’s nice to have an egg at night—it’s delicious, and you can throw it over a salad. As a working mom, I am constantly pressed for time and need to cook quickly, and luckily, stores like Whole Foods stock spiralized organic vegetables. This cuts your cooking time in half. These veggie egg nests are perfect if you want to pair, say, a cooked vegetable with something fresh, like an avocado. I’ll add Curry Salt for an extra kick.”