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Wintertime Recipes for the Slow-Cooker Obsessed

With even LA feeling wintery with all the rain, and cold sweeping the rest of the country, we’re craving something warm and long-simmered; around here, that usually means it’s crockpot time. And we just discovered kind of a game-changer in the crockpot department: The Fagor multi-cooker is not only a crockpot, but also a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker. We’re more than a little obsessed, and the result is (so far) three cozy crockpot dishes–a soup, a stew, and an incredibly flavorful Thai curry chicken thigh recipe. All are easy, comforting, and best of all, ready when you get home.

  • Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Thighs

    Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Thighs

    Chicken and rice—what could be more comforting? This version has the added oomph of Thai-inspired ingredients: fresh mint and cilantro, golden turmeric, tart lime juice, and the umami powerhouse that is fish sauce!


  • Slow Cooker Cannellini, Farro, and Spinach Stew

    Slow Cooker Cannellini, Farro, and Spinach Stew

    This hearty and versatile stew, inspired by the Italian soup pasta e fagioli, makes an equally delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


  • Slow Cooker Albondigas

    Slow Cooker Albondigas

    While this slow cooker recipe is a little heavier on the prep side, we think it adds a ton of depth and dimension that you sometimes lose with the “set it and forget it” type recipes. It’s worth it—we promise!