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What a 20-Something Who Has Her Sh*t Together Cooks During the Week

At goop, there is no shortage of women who have their proverbial sh*t together—which is a quality we’d generally ascribe to types who arrive at the office early having already worked out, prepared a clean breakfast, and calmly listened to a new podcast in traffic before most people have had their first cup of coffee. Of course, mornings are one thing, and a post-workday routine that involves cooking a goop-approved dinner most nights proves a person’s mettle on a whole other level. So we asked one of our editors, Sonya Falcone—who is truly the most put-together yet busy person we know—to share what she cooked this week (and took some notes for ourselves).

Sonya's Picks

  • Warm Walnut Lentil Pate

    Warm Walnut Lentil Pate

    “An oldie but a goodie—this was actually a favorite well before I started working at goop. I make it when I’m sick of hummus, and keep a batch in the fridge to eat with veggies or rice crackers. It’s perfect for that moment when you first get home after work, haven’t started cooking yet, but are already hungry enough to eat everything in sight. I’ve also been known to eat it with a spoon, cold, straight from the tupperware.”


  • Brown Rice Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Chard

    Brown Rice Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Chard

    “Ok, so it’s clear that I love the non-cooking hacks, especially during the week—and my boyfriend is obsessed with this super-filling pasta. There’s a Trader Joe’s on my block, and I can buy all the ingredients there in one pretty low-maintenance trip; I sub chard for the pre-chopped kale and the turkey sausage for Italian chicken sausages.”


  • Shira’s Butternut Squash Soup Hack

    Shira’s Butternut Squash Soup Hack

    “This soup has become a total lifesaver for me—whenever I remember (and definitely whenever butternut squash soup is on sale at Whole Foods), I buy extras of all the ingredients to keep in my cabinet for nights when I don’t have time to stop at the grocery store.”


  • Smoked Salmon/Sardines/Sliced Avocado on Gluten-Free Bread

    Smoked Salmon/Sardines/Sliced Avocado on Gluten-Free Bread

    “I’m not big on sweet flavors early in the morning, which rules out basically every healthy breakfast food (smoothies, chia pudding, oatmeal) but eggs, which I don’t have time to cook. This breakfast is packed with healthy oils and takes about five seconds to make. I also love the OG goop story that this recipe comes from, a classic with Dr. Frank Lipman that legitimizes my other savory breakfast fallback: last night’s leftovers.”