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Way Easier Vegan Cooking

There are a few you-cook-it meal delivery services floating around the health-i-sphere right now, and one relative (and welcome) newcomer to this scene is Purple Carrot, a vegan version that’s focused on vegetable-based, seasonally changing meals. The benefits of cutting out meat, at least once in a while, are well documented—it’s usually better for health and definitely better for the environment.

We commissioned a few goop staffers to test-drive the service, and the results were convincing. First things first: The meals (think whole wheat pasta with broccoli, beans and beets with coconut rice, and Mario Batali’s ribolita) were straight-up delicious, even to uninitiated vegans. Prep-wise, we were grateful that the vegetable peeler was the most advanced kitchen tool required—and since many of the recipes are one-pot meals, clean-up was just as straightforward. Although the materials were supposed to provide two servings, we found that there were usually plenty of leftovers for at least one brown bag. Couple that with the fact that opening each colorful box feels like coming home from the farmers’ market, and we’re sold.