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Two goop Cocktails to Launch Our New Perfume

One of the first things we thought about when we smelled goop’s newest scent, Edition 04 – Orchard, was what a great cocktail it might make. In fact, the parallels between a fragrance and a cocktail are many—both are intoxicating combinations of spirits and herbs, flowers, spices, or fruit—and the sophisticated apricot-inflected scent has inspired two (so far). We reworked a couple of our favorites (the French 75 and a whiskey smash) to include our favorite stone fruit, and its balance of sweet, tart, and floral made both drinks about as enchantingly summery as it gets.

Fresh from the Orchard

  • goopricot Smash

    goopricot Smash

    This not-too-sweet drink is dangerously good. Fresh mint is essential, though, so don’t skip it.


  • goop 75

    goop 75

    This drink has the elegance of a champagne cocktail with the ease of a party punch. Serve this in pretty flutes or coupe glasses.