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Three Satisfying Snacks to Get You Through Your Detox

No matter how healthy we eat at breakfast and lunch, come late afternoon, we inevitably reach for something salty, crunchy—and definitely not detox-friendly. But just because a pile of crudités or an apple isn’t going to cut it, derailing with a bag of Doritos isn’t the only option: These snackable, savory treats are both detox-approved and totally satisfying.

  • Coconut Garlic Almonds

    Coconut Garlic Almonds

    This combination may sound odd, but trust us, these garlic-y candied almonds are insanely good. A tip: If you can’t find coconut nectar, maple syrup is a good substitute.


  • Crunchy Chickpeas with Za'atar and Sumac

    Crunchy Chickpeas with Za'atar and Sumac

    These crispy chickpeas, tossed in tart sumac and earthy za’atar, are ridiculously good. They’re also easy to make, but just be sure your chickpeas are very well dried before you pop them in the oven. We wait to coat them in spices until after they’ve roasted to ensure that the za’atar and sumac don’t burn.


  • Gluten-Free Sesame Sticks

    Gluten-Free Sesame Sticks

    Inspired by the delicious sesame sticks in snack mixes, this cleaned-up, gluten-free version is just as addictive. We cut them into little sticks for an easy pop-able snack, but they also make great crackers—simply cut into larger pieces and serve with your favorite dip.