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Three Nourishing Fall Soups (That Are Also Good for Your Gut)

With soup (and by extension cold) season officially upon us, we asked frequent goop contributor Liz Moody, Brooklyn-based creator of the healthy-recipe blog Sprouted Routes, to create three delicious, easy recipes specifically designed for gut support. “As flus and colds begin to creep around, it’s even more essential to take care of your gut, as much of your body’s immune system stems from the health and balance of the trillions of bacteria that reside there,” says Moody. “Each soup contains an essential gut-healing ingredient: probiotics, prebiotics, or gut-lining sealing bone broth. Soups are one of the best mediums for creating unique, deeply satisfying flavors with almost no effort, so count on being able to create each of these recipes while spending almost no time in the kitchen.” Spoiler alert: All three soups are incredible, but the ramen is particularly insane…

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  • Bone Broth Ramen

    Bone Broth Ramen

    “This soup is all about that broth—bone broth, that is. Collagen-rich bone broth is a key gut healer, as it helps to essentially coat the gut lining and prevent and heal leaky gut (which is incredibly common, and can cause systemic inflammation). The rest of this soup is umami-rich and ultra-immune-boosting, with spicy garlic and ginger, some leafy greens for fiber and Vitamin K, and a protein-packed egg to round out the meal.”


  • Probiotic Miso Ginger Carrot Soup with Black Sesame Dust

    Probiotic Miso Ginger Carrot Soup with Black Sesame Dust

    “Probiotics are the most commonly associated word with gut health, and for good reason: Having a good balance of bacteria is essential for a healthy gut, and thus an overall great state of general health. This soup gets its probiotics from miso, a Japanese paste made by fermenting soybeans that chefs love for the rich, savory flavor it adds to dishes. Because probiotics are heat sensitive, in this recipe the paste gets blended in at the very end. This soup has all the sweet comfort of the carrot and ginger, but with a deeply satisfying and elegant complexity.”


  • Roasted Beet and Garlic Prebiotic Soup with Crispy Leek Croutons

    Roasted Beet and Garlic Prebiotic Soup with Crispy Leek Croutons

    “While they’re not as commonly spoken of as probiotics, prebiotics are equally vital for great gut health—they’re the food that the good bacteria need to survive and thrive. This soup boasts a number of sources of prebiotics, with leeks and raw and roasted garlic (the raw garlic has stronger prebiotic power, and the roasted—well, that’s just delicious). Beets are incredibly detoxifying, and add an earthy, sweet kick to this allium-rich concoction.”