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10 Summer Cocktails and the Barware to Match

10 Summer Cocktails and the Barware to Match

Austere Manhattans and martinis can have their moment any day of the year, but summer is for punchy, bright, refreshing cocktails. We’ve collected some of our favorites—without playing favorites. Gin, vodka, tequila, bourbon, rum: The gang’s all here.

Clear Spirits

Gin and vodka are a good fit for all the seasonal produce you can find this time of year. They also tend to be lower in sugar than other spirits.


We love a tequila drink. (We wrote a story about how it’s made—a pretty amazing process.)

Bourbon and Dark Rum

These darker spirits are a touch sweeter, but as they age, they become deeply rich and layered. Great to sip straight or to mix.

Wine Cocktails

Wine and fortified wines, like sherry, can make for a lighter lower-ABV cocktail situation if you’re keeping it mellow. They lean floral and fruity, which is perfect for summertime.