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goop Kitchen’s Recipe for a Flavorful Portable Lunch Bowl

Written by: Margaret Willes


Published on: April 11, 2024


Sometimes the ideal packed lunch can be elusive: It needs to be sturdy enough to handle the commute to work or school. It should be relatively simple to make but interesting enough that you’ll look forward to eating it. And if you’re like us, it’s got to be bursting with flavorful ingredients that are satisfying and nourishing.

The versatile duo below, from goop Kitchen chef Brent Parrino, easily checks all these boxes—pack the bowl with a side of the herby dressing for a rejuvenating midday break. And of course, when you don’t feel like cooking, goop Kitchen is an excellent option, for those in LA or Orange County. (You can order the bowl as part of the new spring menu.)

  • Mediterranean Goddess Bowl

    Mediterranean Goddess Bowl

    Served on a bed of fresh greens and steamed brown rice, this is a worthy upgrade from your usual desk salad. It’s supremely adaptable (for a meat-free version, swap out the herb-marinated chicken for falafel, eggs, or fish). It’s also the perfect vehicle for garden-fresh vegetables and some of our favorite garnishes—peperoncini, feta, and a heap of hummus.


  • Greek Goddess Dressing

    Greek Goddess Dressing

    Make the dressing ahead of time and keep it in the fridge to simplify future lunch prep. You’ll use it for more than just the Mediterranean Goddess Bowl: Try it as a vegetable dip or a marinade for grilled chicken or veggies, or serve it alongside a piece of grilled fish.