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Nix’s Addictive Vegetarian Dumplings

The sexiness of the downtown NYC vegetarian/vegan restaurant Nix, with its glowing juniper-root lamps and stunning long bar that snakes toward an unassuming storefront entrance, was first noted by The New York Times. While the word “dumpling”—or, even more to the point, the phrase “vegetarian dumpling”—might seem like the opposite of sexy, we beg to differ. Share these ginger-, garlic-, and mint-infused, impossible-to-stop-eating pea dumplings with someone you find especially appealing, and we guarantee feelings will intensify on all sides.

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    Nix’s Mint and English Pea Dumplings

    They’re easy to make, and will please vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike. They’re especially good made with fresh peas (in season for a few more weeks, depending on where you live); the odd-but-incredibly-effective trick, chef John Fraser explains, is freezing the fresh peas quickly before you start.