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Mezze Is the Key to Easy, Delicious Weekday Cooking for This NYC Chef/TV Host and Her Family

Eden Grinshpan

To say that Eden Grinshpan is an overachiever is an understatement: She’s a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, London (both pastry school and cuisine); is the host of Top Chef Canada; has a totally charming Instagram feed (@edeneats); and, together with her co-founder Samantha Wasser, just opened up DEZ, a fast-casual spot in SoHo that feels like a groovy trip to Marrakech. (But she’s not one to take herself too seriously: While she was pregnant with her daughter Ayv Rose, she posted pictures of pizza, burgers, and French fries perched atop her growing belly on Instagram.)

Now that Ayv Rose is a year old, Grinshpan has developed new cooking strategies to keep everyone happy and stress-free. “I keep the fridge stocked with roasted veggies (that I make in bulk to reheat during the week) and rice, so I can always put together a quick salad or grain bowl for us,” she says. “It’s easy—she actually eats just like I do.”

Eden's Foolproof Weekday Recipes

  • DEZ's Cauliflower Mezze

    DEZ's Cauliflower Mezze

    “I love roasted cauliflower, especially when it gets a little charred. And the chimichurri in this is so bright-tasting, it’s addictive. It’s easy to make this dish part of a larger meal, because its flavor and freshness brilliantly complement any other dish you serve it with.”


  • Green Shakshuka

    Green Shakshuka

    “This is such a nice change from the traditional shakshuka, but it’s just as simple. You get lots of greens in, so you feel healthy after eating it. My husband and I love it for brunch and dinner, plus we serve shakshuka at DEZ all day. You could swap the chard for kale or spinach, but honestly any green works great.”


  • French Lentils, Soft Egg, and Dukkah

    French Lentils, Soft Egg, and Dukkah

    “I keep these ingredients in my fridge at all times: eggs, dukkah, and a cooked legume or grain, so it’s easy to whip together a meal like this. It’s filling and nutritious, with lots of fiber and protein. Dukkah is one of those spice blends that makes everything feel special, especially if you toast your spices before blending. For added crunch, swap out the lentils for farro or kamut, an ancient grain.”


  • Harissa Roasted Vegetables with Chickpeas and Yogurt Tahini

    Harissa Roasted Vegetables with Chickpeas and Yogurt Tahini

    “I love all the ingredients in this dish and use them all the time in my cooking. Serving roasted veggies and harissa with a filling legume, like chickpeas, then dressing both with a yogurt-tahini sauce is such a classic pairing, you can’t go wrong. I like to serve this with a fresh herb salad on top to make it even lighter and add color.”