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Mario Batali Eats America

Mario Batali, one of our favorite people, one of our favorite chefs, and absolutely one of our favorite cookbook authors, has a new surprise for us. In his new cookbook, he’s switched things up a bit: instead of his own recipes, he’s collected classic dishes from cities and towns all over the United States and assembled them into what he’s calling Big American Cookbook. “Recipes are our cultural heritage,” maintains Mario. Like America, the book is a melting pot of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as well as delicious and unique culinary traditions. He says he loves the way recipes in our country change and evolve over generations: What started as one single dish in Italy may have twenty different iterations in twenty different cities all over the United States, based on local ingredients and individual palates.

In honor of that distinctly American kind of recipe evolution, we asked both Mario and GP to share their own personal family recipes, something that had been passed down to them, and/or something they plan to pass down to their kids. Those (amazing) recipes are here along with a few of our staffers’ favorites from his new book.

Big American Recipes

  • GP’s Pancakes

    GP’s Pancakes

    “My father was a master pancake maker. As I chronicle in my first cookbook, Sunday mornings at our house were pancake mornings, with friends and family coming from far and wide to delight in his buttermilk-tinged silver dollars (the batter for which he made the night before, as he was convinced it deepened the flavor). Now, as a mother myself, the pancake tradition has held firm in our house, but I have modified the recipe so I can make it on the spot.” — gp


  • Mario's Veal Coietti

    Mario's Veal Coietti

    “My grandpa Laframboise made this dish for special occasions, and I simply cannot find any historic reference for the name anywhere. It is delish and simple and speaks and tastes like Grandpa Leon’s kitchen, which is why I love it.” – Mario Batali


  • Sour Cream and Blueberry Coffee Cake

    Sour Cream and Blueberry Coffee Cake

    Our beauty director and our food editor both grew up eating this famed coffee cake from Hobee’s restaurant in Palo Alto, CA. Let’s just say it’s famous for a reason.


  • Stuffed Cabbage

    Stuffed Cabbage

    Our deputy editor, Kate, who grew up in a Russian family in Brooklyn, NY, is no stranger to stuffed cabbage. Her grandmother’s recipe uses all beef and slightly different seasonings, but this one still reminds her of home.