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Low-Sugar Breakfasts That Still Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Starting the day with a little something sweet can be a welcome comfort, and if you’re mindful about the balance of natural sugars, fiber, and other nutrients you’re eating, you can enjoy your treat without the groggy, midmorning sugar crash. Our take on sweet breakfasts relies on whole foods, like tart fruits and whole grains, that have a lower glycemic load (an estimate of how much a food will raise your blood glucose level).

Something we keep in mind with low-sugar cooking is that even natural or less-refined sources of sugar are still sugars. You could of course use natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit to add sweetness without affecting your blood sugar at all. But that’s not always our favorite option because those sweeteners can sometimes have an artificial taste. And ultimately, they don’t help curb our sugar cravings, as reducing our overall sugar intake might.

These three breakfasts—a creamy barley porridge with stone fruit and toasted nuts, a seedy cereal bar with cardamom and espresso, and a refreshing triple berry smoothie with fresh ginger—add just the right amount of sweetness to our morning routine.

  • Tea-Steeped Barley Porridge

    Tea-Steeped Barley Porridge

    A porridge inspired by our favorite chai and London fog tea lattes. We used barley because it has a lower glycemic load than oats and it has a pleasantly chewy flavor that goes so well with ripe, firm plums and crunchy toasted hazelnuts.


  • Grown-Up Cereal Bars with Almond Butter, Espresso, and Cardamom

    Grown-Up Cereal Bars with Almond Butter, Espresso, and Cardamom

    This bar is not as dense as a granola bar and has more heft than the traditional cereal treat bar—it’s the perfect in-betweener. The espresso powder and generous sprinkle of flaky salt make it decidedly grown-up.


  • Triple Berry Ginger Smoothie

    Triple Berry Ginger Smoothie

    Could not be more refreshing. We packed this smoothie with tart berries and a tangy mandarin (we toss in the whole thing, instead of just the juice, for a little added fiber).