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6 Impressive Dinner Recipes Easy Enough for Weeknights

6 Impressive Dinner Recipes Easy Enough for Weeknights

In partnership with our friends at Blue Apron

This is the moment we typically give up on Tuesday’s dinner: We’ve figured out what we’re making in advance (this story starts with a long shot). We’re pulling ingredients from the fridge to start cooking. We realize we need to run out and grab just a few things. We picture ourselves going to the grocery store, and then…we order in.

One of the reasons we’ve liked trying Blue Apron is that it does the recipe development and shopping for you. Ingredients are delivered to your door—so you’re never missing the critical tomatoes, side of rice, or aioli come 7 p.m. But here’s the new reason we like Blue Apron: Chef, goop contributor, and goopfellas cohost Seamus Mullen developed a series of recipes for a six-week collaboration with Blue Apron. They are nourishing, super flavorful, and incredibly easy to put together. And we’re giving you a sneak peek. Mullen’s za’atar chicken over farro with creamy garlic labneh, Thai shrimp curry with braised sweet potatoes, and more will be released each week for six weeks starting February 24. You can get it all at Blue Apron, and goop readers get $80 off their first four boxes.