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Healthy Snacks to Stave Off the Four O’Clock Slump

For most of us, that gap between lunch and dinner is way too long to survive without a snack. But keeping things healthy (i.e. not reaching for the potato chips/chocolate chip cookie/insert favorite snack food here) takes a little planning even more than it does a lot of discipline—having the good stuff on hand is more than half the battle. Here are three delicious, packable snacks that will tide you over ’til dinner without all the unwanted sugar and preservatives.

  • Miso Sweet Potatoes

    Miso Sweet Potatoes

    These potatoes are a super tasty and easy addition to any meal. They’re also great to make ahead for our miso sweet potato collard wrap or to eat as a snack.


  • Spirulina Popcorn

    Spirulina Popcorn

    One of our editors is obsessed with the spirulina popcorn from Erewhon, so we made it our mission to create our own version. This salty, garlicky treat not only tastes great, but thanks to the spirulina, is actually good for you, too.


  • Roasted Carrot Hummus

    Roasted Carrot Hummus

    We can’t stop eating this fun and healthy twist on hummus. (A tip: make sure the carrots get nicely caramelized—this brings out their natural sweetness.)