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goopy Frozen Treats for Summer

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When it’s seriously hot out, the icy treat comes into its own. We’ve created some healthy, delicious versions that are pure goop: a gut-healthy blood orange kombucha float, banana bonbons topped with superfoods, and creamy turmeric coconut protein pops (made with bone broth powder—trust us, they’re so good) that will delight your sweet tooth and amp up your summertime glow.

  • Banana Bonbons

    Banana Bonbons

    Dark chocolate, cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and pink Himalayan salt turn this kid-friendly classic into something much more sophisticated. And the lovely, not-too-sweet, cool summer treat is incredibly easy to make.


  • Kombucha Float

    Kombucha Float

    A soda float is a quintessential summertime treat. This version uses sorbet and kombucha instead of ice cream and soda. While we love the combination of blood orange sorbet and classic black tea kombucha, you can mix and match whatever flavors you like. There’s no going wrong.


  • Blue Majik Lychee Boba Cooler

    Blue Majik Lychee Boba Cooler

    A dream come true if you like boba, slushies, and/or of-the-moment superfoods. The sweet, tropical flavor of lychee is the perfect foil for the nutrient-rich—albeit swampy-tasting—blue-green algae. The addition of boba makes this already-fun electric-blue drink really cool to look at.


  • Turmeric Coconut Protein Pops

    Turmeric Coconut Protein Pops

    These creamy coconut pops are incredibly easy to make and packed with good-for-you turmeric and hunger-curbing bone broth protein powder.