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Delicious, Hearty, Savory Breakfasts for Any Time of Day

“I definitely have breakfast food for breakfast or lunch, but it’s always savory—never sweet,” says chef and goopfellas podcast cohost Seamus Mullen. “Sugar sets the metabolism off on a roller coaster.”

With that in mind, he created three amazing, savory, hearty, delicious recipes. There’s an easiest-ever frittata with zucchini and herbs; a rich, savory oatmeal loaded with umami (it’s got mushrooms and seaweed, and it’s topped with an egg); and a yucca pancake packed with greens and topped with a bright papaya salsa. Any one of them will definitely get you through till lunch (or dinner), and they all contain enough vegetables that, should your day end at a taco truck or a pizza joint, you can tell yourself at least you started with something green (and delicious).