Detox-Friendly Summer Popsicles

Detox-Friendly Summer Popsicles

When it’s this hot outside, an icy-cold treat is heaven-sent. But there aren’t a lot of options in the frozen foods aisle that aren’t packed with sugar. Sophie Milrom thought she could address this gap—all while studying for her law school exams. (Yep, she’s a 28-year-old business owner with a JD/MBA from NYU.)

EatPops, which launched in 2014, is a line of popsicles that are essentially frozen smoothies and fresh-pressed juices, all made with real fruit and no artificial ingredients. They’re currently available at Whole Foods in New York City and on Amazon Fresh, but we also learned that they’re really easy to make. Sophie shared recipes for three of her most popular flavors, and also gave us three new variations she’s been perfecting. You can freeze these in ice pop molds, paper cups, or even ice cube trays.

  • Restore


    Our favorite kale smoothie in popsicle form—yum.

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  • Cleanse


    Sweet and spicy, these lemonade-flavored popsicles are a perfect snack on a hot day.

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  • Activate


    Bright red in color and wonderfully sweet and earthy, we especially love these with a little fresh ginger thrown in.

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  • Detox Water

    Detox Water

    These are great with any fruit, though our favorites are with raspberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, and kiwi.

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  • Refresh


    So refreshing, but can be a tad too sweet. Start with 1/2 cup agave and add more to taste.

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  • Celebrate


    The mint turns these popsicles a surprising color, but they taste like the best agua fresca you’ve ever had.

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