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Creamy Coconut Popsicles, 2 Ways

Written by: Caitlin O’Malley


Published on: August 4, 2022


Popsicles have a way of transporting you back to the summers of your childhood. Maybe you’re waiting in line at the ice cream truck. Or wrapped up in a towel after a day of swimming at the pool/lake/beach. Maybe you’re running around catching fireflies at dusk. All these moments are sweeter with an ice pop in hand. Our cool, creamy, coconut-based pops will please kids, adults, and inner children alike.


  • Coconut Fudge Pops

    Coconut Fudge Pops

    These are the creamiest nondairy fudge pops you’ll ever have. We prefer keeping them on the bittersweet side, but you could certainly up the maple or date syrup a bit if you like. Adding other chocolate-friendly ingredients like sliced banana, espresso powder, or almond butter would also be lovely, so feel free to use this as a base recipe and experiment.


  • Key Lime Pops

    Key Lime Pops

    We wanted to make a super tart, lime-forward pop, but all that juice adds water content to the pop, which can result in a very icy texture. To combat that, we opted for evaporated coconut milk, which is just a slightly more concentrated coconut milk. The evaporated coconut milk is already a little sweet, so we only needed a scant amount of additional sweetener (don’t skip it, though). We call for a liquid sweetener (agave or honey), which also helps prevent iciness.