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Cleaned-Up Comfort Foods

Cleaned-Up Comfort Foods

We can’t think of anything more comforting this time of year than a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese or a steaming pot pie, but neither is generally on the January detox menu. So we asked writer and cookbook author Liz Moody, who is known for cleaning up would-be indulgent foods, to put her own healthy spin on them. Not only is she the woman behind Sprouted Routes, a site that covers everything from natural beauty to healthy travel, and, of course, nourishing recipes, but she developed a killer three-day detox for us last summer. Below, not only did she manage to make the duo actually virtuous, but she threw in some grain-free, refined-sugar-free brownies for good measure, too.

Liz's Favorites

  • Cleaned-Up Chicken Pot Pie

    Cleaned-Up Chicken Pot Pie

    “While many chicken pot pies can feel heavy and laden with cream, this filling uses vegetables and fresh herbs to build a beautiful, rich flavor. Crusts have gotten an unfair reputation for being difficult, but this fifteen-minute short crust will change your mind. It’s easy as, well, pie—and healthier than anything you can buy prepared (spelt, an ancient grain that’s easier on digestion, stands in for white flour). I love to make one on Sunday night and eat it throughout the week.”


  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

    Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

    “I’m such a sucker for brownies—especially these, with their amped up cinnamon and kick of cayenne. With a base of almond butter in lieu of flour (yes, it works–I promise!), they’re also packed with protein and healthy fat, which will help you avoid the blood sugar dive that accompanies most sweets. While they’re healthy enough to eat the entire pan, you likely won’t want to, as these brownies are super filling—one small square will be enough to do you in.”


  • Superfood Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese

    Superfood Vegan Mac 'N' Cheese

    “If I didn’t tell you this macaroni ‘n’ cheese was vegan, you’d never know. It’s supremely gooey, thanks to a blend of carrots and potatoes that release their starches when cooked, resulting in the cheesiest of textures–with absolutely no dairy. The thyme and smoked paprika add an elevated touch. Did I mention it takes less than 15 minutes to make?”