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Breakfast Bowls

For too many of us, what passes for breakfast most mornings is a large cup of coffee and, if we’re lucky, a piece of fruit or a bite of toast as we rush out the door. To change that, we developed four genuinely easy breakfast bowls that will get your metabolism working and keep you sated until lunch. They also happen to be loaded with ingredients that promote healthy skin and hair. Win-win.

  • Mexican Breakfast Bowl

    Mexican Breakfast Bowl

    Between the protein in quinoa, beans, and eggs, the iron and Vitamin A in spinach, and the good fats (particularly omega-9’s) in avocado, this bowl will help keep your hair healthy and your skin glowing and dewy. Plus it tastes great.

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  • Banana Bread Porridge Bowl

    Banana Bread Porridge Bowl

    This oatmeal bowl has all the great flavors of banana bread but comes together in about five minutes. Plus, the nuts and seeds (rich in antioxidants and Vitamin B) will do wonders for your skin and hair.

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  • Yogurt, Blueberry, & Bee Pollen Bowl

    Yogurt, Blueberry, & Bee Pollen Bowl

    This bowl takes no time to make and every single ingredient is great for both skin and hair. Greek yogurt is full of protein and Vitamin B5, almonds are packed with healthy fat, blueberries have a ton of free radical-fighting antioxidants, and bee pollen is an all-around nutritional powerhouse.

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  • Chia/Acai Smoothie Bowl

    Chia/Acai Smoothie Bowl

    Why choose between an antioxidant-packed acai bowl and a nutrient-dense chia pudding when you can have both? The acai berries will help your skin and hair look fresh and healthy and the chia seeds will help keep you full until lunch. This bowl tastes great topped with just about anything, but we particularly love a mix of seasonal fruits and a little toasted coconut for crunch.

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